Ratio and Proportion

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Ratio and Proportion:

Ratio: Ratio is the spoken language of arithmetic. It is the language with which we relate quantities of the same kind.

15 people, for example, are more than 5 people. We can express that by saying how much more, that is, 10 more, or by saying how many times more: Three times more. When we say that 15 people are three times more than 5 people, that is called their ratio.

  • The ratio of two terms ‘x’ and ‘y’ is denoted by x : y.
  • In general, the ratio of a number x to a number y is defined as the quotient of the numbers x and y.
  • The numerator of the ratio is called the antecedent (x) and the denominator is called the consequent (y) of the ratio.

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