Boats and Streams

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  • Stream: It implies that the water in the river is moving or flowing.
  • Upstream: Going against the flow of the river.
  • Downstream: Going with the flow of the river.
  • Still water: It implies that the speed of water is zero (generally, in a lake) .

When we move upstream, our speed gets deducted from the speed of the stream. Similarly when we move downstream our speed gets added.

Let the speed of a boat in still water be A km/hr and the speed of the stream (or current) be B km/hr, then

  • Speed of boat with the stream = (A + B) km/hr
  • Speed of boat against the stream = (A – B) km/hr
  • Speed of boat in still water is:

boats-streams-f-22938.png boats-streams-f-22944.png

  • Speed of the stream or current is:


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